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December 2022
Terracrypto Moscow
October 2022
Terracrypto Dubai
History of TerraCrypto
TerraCrypto's history includes many different events, both in Russia and abroad. Over 3 years we have managed to hold dozens of conferences and productive events with market leaders, as well as help new companies to enter this niche with minimal losses
April 14 Project Launch
On April 14, 2018, at the IT park in Kazan, the debut of TerraCrypto - BlockchainExpoFarm was held, where 17 speakers talked about mining equipment and blockchain technologies, and there were about 140 participants. The event was a small success and was held in the format of an exhibition, where 11 crypto farms and companies were presented, among which were Dafzo, Vector-Mining.
September 14 The first pitch session
December 6 TerraMining forum
14 сThe first pitch-session of 12 ICO projects took place on September 14 in Kazan at the Hippodrome in front of private investors, representatives of funds and state structures on innovations. The event was enriched with new companies: Ambrosus, Pulsar Venture, AndAction, GG-Platform.
TerraMining forum which included Schneider Electric, 3M, Bitfury and other market companies. More than 120 industry representatives discussed industrial mining, investment strategy and risk management.
September 14
The first pitch session
April 14
Project Launch
December 6
TerraMining forum
March 14 Updated TerraCrypto
TerraCrypto forum in an updated version with panel discussions and the first international partners - BITMAIN, MSK.miner, Rawpool. The scale of the event has increased twofold.
July 25 TerraCrypto growt
November 14 Outside Russia
The forum was marked by professionalism and expertise of the mining industry participants, and the subjects were divided into blocks: equipment, software, people, law and money.
At that time the forum gathered a record number of people — 470, and among the partners there were EXTO and Binance.
TerraCrypto project came out of Russia. The forum was held in Nursultan, the capital of Kazakhstan, and gathered 570 participants and 50 speakers, including new partner companies: F2pool, INNOSILICON, Whatsminer, ViaBTC,, etc.
December 7 Forum in Moscow
TerraCrypto finished the year with a successful forum in Moscow, where 320 specialized participants were gathered. The project has gained momentum, we have been preparing to enter the China market, one of the centers of mining and cryptocurrency subject.
March 14
 Updated TerraCrypto
July 25
TerraCrypto growt
November 14
Outside Russia
December 7
Forum in Moscow
May 19
There was a trilingual online conference spanning three continents and four platforms.
August 28
Crypto Night was held on August, 28th in Moscow. BitCluster representatives also attended this event.
Informal atmosphere, friendly team, interesting contests and gifts. All this left a pleasant imprint on every participant. 5 hours of informal communication with industry leaders.
Representatives of such companies as BitRiver, Binance, ViaBTC, Chilkoot also attended the evening. This made it possible to create a high-quality networking experience.

Crypto Night in Moscow
TerraCrypto 3.0 on September 23
In the fall of 2021, TerraCrypto held a powerful forum under the roof of the unique Archiloft loft mansion in Moscow. All the tickets were sold out and over 400 guests took part. The highlight of the forum was a song about cryptocurrencies performed by the cossack choir.
TerraCrypto 3.0
on September 23
TerraCrypto 3.0 on May 28 in Moscow
On May 28, at Loft Hall in Moscow, TerraCrypto 3.0 forum took place. The event was attended by cool speakers and companies and the team prepared some pleasant surprises for guests: a charity auction, a chess tournament and a table with doshiraks. The forum gathered a huge amount of positive feedback and became one of the biggest and brightest in the history of TerraCrypto 3.0.

High concentration of specialists
Professional Community

Market leaders
Perspective technologies
TerraCrypto 3.0 Forum values
The forum brings together people who not only earn in this market, but change it by creating new standards.
TC audience is a people who have been through 4 halving, seen all the ups and downs of Bitcoin at this moment. Due to this, it creates a professional community, which successfully works and develops in the market, ready to share the advantages with newbies in the field of mining.

Participants of the TC forum are so productive that any conversation can turn into a multimillion dollar contract. Many projects in the CIS market were formed due to networking in the TC forum.
Due to the point selection of guests and sponsors — there is a great opportunity to meet with leaders and top companies in the blockchain, mining and cryptocurrency field.
At TerraCrypto forum, there is always a discussion about new trends in the crypto industry. Open the curtain and talk about the new financial instrument - DeFi, which allows miners to earn from rebalancing their assets.
The forum organizers do not forget about an informal network, inviting to the Afterperty all the speakers, partners and participants with the status of FIRST CLASS, to create an informal atmosphere for communication and relaxation.
Forum Subjects
The list of TerraCrypto conference speakers is updated every week
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The organizers are well done! The invited speakers, with some exceptions, covered the essence and themes of the event. I would also like to see this team of organizers hold similar events on a regular basis, 1-2 times a year. Thank you!
I want to thank the organizers for providing such a valuable event as the TERRACRYPTO forum. The way to use this the information is everyone's own business, but I think the value gained here and now will make everyone an extremely wealthy person. Thank you so much!
Not my first time here. Everything is organized at the highest level, guys are really good - they didn't skimp on anything! Each of their events is always interesting, and I feel like I'm with my friends! Thank you!
It was the first time I've been to such an event, and I was very pleased with it! Speakers were really good, I follow them for a long time. It was cool to meet and talk face to face. A lot of useful information. Thanks to the team! I think I will definitely come again
Thank you very much for a great event - organization at a high level! But the most important is the unique atmosphere of like-minded people😊
It was super productive and interesting. I listened to every speaker with high attention. I was pleasantly surprised by the chess tournament, had time to meet wonderful people, and enjoyed every minute on the forum. Thanks a lot TerryCrypto for organizing the event!
Huge thanks for this great forum from the team. Doshiki is a fire! 🔥
Thank you very much both to the organizers and speakers. The day at the forum was great, and most importantly, fruitful. I was glad to see everyone and meet new people! The events of such format is a rarity, and therefore very valuable. Keep it up!
Being among like-minded people and with such a level of organization as TerraCrypto is very valuable. All the speakers shared the most useful information about the crypto industry and more. It was very interesting to listen to! TerraCrypto is at its best!
TerraCrypto is about the most comfortable meetings of like-minded people, where I can discuss what's really interesting and important to me. I haven't seen such a high level of preparation and care about the guests at any event yet. Giant thanks to the team, and see you again! #TerraCrypto 💚
Being a speaker at TerraCrypto is incredibly exciting. The audience is amazing. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in such a cool event!
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