Hosting Farms
The largest data centre in the CIS
The company provides legal protection, security for your investment (transparency of business vision with payment of all taxes allows to protect client's investment on the legislative level), quality service (consistently high hash rate).
Location :(center of Eurasia, close to China).
The company has been mining cryptocurrency since the beginning of 2017. Initially, the goal of the company was to acquire and deploy its own mining equipment. For this purpose, a site in Tula was found, the necessary infrastructure was built and a team of technical specialists was assembled to control the operation of the equipment, service and develop the software for mining.
Founded by Igor Runez in 2017 and headquartered in Moscow, BitRiver LLC provides hosting services and turnkey solutions for large-scale cryptocurrency mining operations to institutional investors worldwide. BitRiver has over 50 full-time employees in three offices across Russia and full-time sales representatives in China, Japan, UAE and the US. BitRiver currently uses only surplus hydroelectric power to operate the largest data center in Russia and the CIS offering cryptocurrency hosting services for mining.
For more than 3 years the company provides professional services for the operation of blockchain infrastructure and placement of specialized equipment for mining.
ASICs, GPU farms and containers:
GPU hosting from 0,04 USD/kWh
ASIC-hosting from 0,036 USD/kWh
Container hosting from 0,029 USD/kWh
We'll ship your equipment for free from anywhere in the Russian Federation.
Summit Mining is the first and only ethical cryptocurrency mining company that helps investors make high monthly profits while limiting risk. This can be achieved by combining all mining resources (bulk purchases, maintenance, regular updates, etc.).
The company's concept is built on pooling its community's mining capacity. The company charges a commission only on the profits its clients make from mining, so Summit Mining aims to provide the maximum return on investment for its clients.
Cryptoreactor is a modern, reliable and secure site for hosting ASIC and GPU mining facilities in any quantity. Cryptoreactor exists to maximize your income from mining (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin).
BitCluster is an international infrastructure project headquartered in Switzerland (canton of Zug, STN Disti AG). It offers comprehensive business solutions in the field of cryptocurrency mining. The company has been operating in Russia since June 2017. The company's products and services form the basis of the financial infrastructure of the future. Currently Bitcluster serves more than 12,000 devices and is well positioned for development and growth.
Our partners provide the best and most reliable hosting services.
They are all industry-leading companies with extensive experience and quality services.
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