TerraCrypto recommends the best firmware — designed to increase the power of ASIC miners, they help to mine cryptocurrencies faster. No hidden mechanisms - there is nothing in the firmware from our partners that can harm users and equipment owners.
HiveOS is a universal platform for managing hundreds of thousands of GPUs/ASICs.
Monitoring hash rates, online statuses, miner errors; Pool configuration, power consumption;
Troubleshooting, remote rebooting and mass updates.
MSKMINER is a developer of firmware for ASIC miners, which is now available for the entire Bitmain line (L3+, S9, S9SE, S9K, T9+, S/T 17/17+ 17E).
Firmware for Avalon, Whatsmier and Innosilicon ASICs is under development. Firmware allows up to 40% performance or power efficiency improvement of ASICs, enhanced functionality, cloud monitoring and HiveOS management, and partner firmware.
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